The Big Trend in 2021 for Drinks

Waterhole has been busy analysing the latest trends in 2021 for drinks. We have scoured all sorts of articles, papers, opinion pieces and research to see 'what's next'. One consistent trend is aimed at bars.


Australia has been well protected by COVID due to lockdowns and hard work by everyone; but the impacts on our hospitality and entertainment industries have been huge.

No doubt, profitability will be critical for all bars and restaurants getting back on their feet. With lingering trepidation among some portion of the population, high margins will be particularly important for on-premise operators. This could translate to working with fewer staff members and pairing down elaborate beverage programs.

For cocktail bars, the days of lengthy menus and labour-intensive proprietary ingredients are likely to be put on ice for the time being. Instead, bars can turn to spirit-forward classics, which offer bang for the buck for all concerned parties.

Given the rise of home bartending this year, those classics may require some subtle tweaks to keep consumers interested. One way to do that is to use key products that are not readily available to end consumers in the supermarkets and bottle shops. Thankfully, Waterhole is just one of those products. It is unique, aimed at deluxe on-premise customers who want a point of differentiation and can use the product to attract drinker back into the bars.

Bring your Spirit to the Waterhole!

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